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ifttt: Put the internet to work for you

I came across to this new web platform launched last september in San Francisco. It simply gathered lots of tasks you can activate to connect your social network profiles, or get instant alerts through sms and email of different thing that are happening on the web. For example you can save all your Instagram photos to Dropbox, or, every time you are tagged in a photo on Facebook, it will be sent to Dropbox. You can also transform Twitter direct messages in sms or make a task that if rain tomorrow then SMS me”. The website is clever, clean and very easy to use for everyone. It’s good if you want to automatically activate tasks to all your profiles, not only for duplicating status updates: backing up pics on Dropbox is awesome and really useful for me. Try it here.

Social Media & Christmas gift purchases

Social media experience and interactions between customers and brands, drive the holiday gift purchases.
36% of people  are more likely to buy something from a brand that has a social media presence, more than brands that do not. Another interesting point is that 52% of consumers are willing to pay more for brands they trust more.

What’s your behaviour when shoopping in these holiday season?

Twitter Head Animation

Twitter Head from Geoill on Vimeo.

Project Details:

The animated infographic called Twitter Head is a fun design that visually displays information about Twitter.

TwitterHead is the second of a series of information graphics about social media and technology by Geoill LLC.

Twitter Head is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License so it is available for people to publish on to their sites.

The sources of information is from and

CNN Ecosphere: plant your thoughts on a Twitter tree

CNN Ecosphere is a proeject that involves everyone who wants to say something about “climate change”.
The process is simple: you can “plant” your thought on a virtual tree using Twitter with this tag #COP17. During the  COP17 Conference on Climate Change" in Durban (28 November - 9 December 2011), all the tweets will be planted as trees all over the globe, to create a connection of thoughts about the climate topic.

Join the discussion now (#COP17)

How you take control of your digital life

Even if what we do online is recorded forever, you still have control on what part of your life you want to share with the rest of the world. Just think a couple of seconds before puslish a photo or write a sentence on twitter.

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Pay a blogger day #payablogger

Pay a blogger day (#payablogger) is a campaign aiming at get the most value out of any blogger out there. Blogger aren’t usually paid for writing interesting things, so why don’t give something back to them, if you’re pleased in reading their (mine!) articles?

Want to get involved? Start here with some suggestions for giving back to blogger.

Hurry it’s only for today November 29th 2011!

Locate me and tell me what to do

New iOS 5 for Apple devices brings lots of new features and among them “Reminders”, a simple app that helps you out remembering what and when to do things in your every day life.

On the same date of iOS 5 release, popular geolocation app foursquare added a new tool named “Radar”.

This two different apps have in common push notifications based on your location: Apple Reminders tells you what to do when you’re leaving or arriving in a certain place. Let’s say: “Don’t forget to buy the newspapers (when leaving home in the morning)”. As soon as you’re going out a message pop ups on your iPhone.

Foursquare Radar has the same push notification system, based on the places you’ve already visited: you receive an alert, or if a business place is running a promotion or you’re immediately prompted directly on your phone screen.

I think both apps will have a great impact in our daily life, and I found them really useful. The Apple one finally adds something more relevant to the calendar than only the simple time, while from a marketing point of view foursquare is going to make cafes, restaurants and all the business places out there more active to attract people.

The bottom line is: are we under control all day long by our Big Brother?

We Are Visible

La rete aiuta a mantenere e riallaciare contatti lontani, ma spesso anche a far sentire la voce di chi ha meno possibilità di chiedere aiuto. We Are Visible nasce dalla volontà di homeless che non si arrendono alla loro condizione e, attraverso l’uso dei social media, rimangono vivi, fanno amicizie e magari ottengono anche un lavoro per ripartire. Il sito spiega come aprirsi una casella di posta, un blog, un account twitter o facebook, così da poter iniziare ad “essere visibili”. Qui puoi leggere alcune delle loro storie e iniziare a seguirli.