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Internet Trends 2011 by Mary Meeker

A very interesting insight about the status of the web presented at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.
KPCB Internet Trends (2011)

Locate me and tell me what to do

New iOS 5 for Apple devices brings lots of new features and among them “Reminders”, a simple app that helps you out remembering what and when to do things in your every day life.

On the same date of iOS 5 release, popular geolocation app foursquare added a new tool named “Radar”.

This two different apps have in common push notifications based on your location: Apple Reminders tells you what to do when you’re leaving or arriving in a certain place. Let’s say: “Don’t forget to buy the newspapers (when leaving home in the morning)”. As soon as you’re going out a message pop ups on your iPhone.

Foursquare Radar has the same push notification system, based on the places you’ve already visited: you receive an alert, or if a business place is running a promotion or you’re immediately prompted directly on your phone screen.

I think both apps will have a great impact in our daily life, and I found them really useful. The Apple one finally adds something more relevant to the calendar than only the simple time, while from a marketing point of view foursquare is going to make cafes, restaurants and all the business places out there more active to attract people.

The bottom line is: are we under control all day long by our Big Brother?